Saturday, April 21, 2012

Duct Tape Dress Form

I thought for sure I had written a blog post on here about going to my friend's duct tape dress form party. BUT I searched high and low, and am unable to find it - tho, I did find that another friend posted pictures wrote about it and her blog here -->

Why am I bringing this up? Well, I was emailing that friend and it reminded me about it. AND I still have my duct tape dress form in my closet - tho, much to my dismay cuz I think my form is *maybe* a bit better now. It was in 2009 when we did this tho - so I imagine it is probably important to continually update your duct tape dress form.

And seriously? Even if you do not sew/knit much as you should (*cough,cough* that might be me lol), I loved getting together with my friends and sharing that experience =) It was funny, silly and serious all put together - PLUS my friend's Mom has an awesome garden which I got a tour off and envied (as I tend to have the green thumb of death according to my husband).

Anyway! Google it - y'all will find numerous posts on the subject. And *maybe* if you are a local gal reading this, we will have another duct tape dress form get together and you can come out and hang with us! =)

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps we can make more duct tape dress forms, or maybe just a get together in the garden.