Friday, September 9, 2011


Originally, I started surfing the web for ideas on how to preserve butterflies actually - not anything really 'artsy'. Once upon a time, I used to try to collect them and pin them in a case - tho, their frail wings would crumble soon after. I initially brought up pages about butterflies and what they symbolize. This then led to tattoos of butterflies, and well.....

Here we are with another blog post =)

Cuz, some people who do get tattoos do view it as art. I have a tattoo on my ankle and even though I do not view it as art, I do think it symbolizes who I am, what I like, etc. While I would not get another tattoo, I have had experience with people whose views towards tattoos are not like mine. They have the tattoo artist create something original, they draw something that depicts their artistic talent, or they may simply have a copy of something altered in some fashion to truly show how they view things.

So anyway - I thought I would share my thoughts and also the picture of the butterfly tattoo that inspired this blog =)

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moshie said...

this is a really cute tattoo :)