Monday, September 26, 2011


My geranium plant is looking odd. I would love to have it bloom so I can cut some of the flowers off to put inside or try my hand at preserving/drying them. The latter is what made me think about posting this up here - but then, I don't have any blooms. I just have an *extremely* tall geranium with NO blooms. It is the most odd looking geranium plant I have seen.

And of course I managed to grow the oddest geranium plant. Yay me??!! lol

Anyway! I DO want it to bloom, not only so that I can snip a few blooms and try to be craftey, BUT so that I can actually not be *that* neighbor. Ya know... the neighbor who kills plants or only grows weird stuff? =)

So, will post the picture of it and see if anyone has any insight. It does look like it could start blooming. But its been that way for a month and a half...

Ugh.. anyway! Enjoy the picture of my funky looking geranium lol


Dee said...

My mom says that geraniums bloom most often in the spring. She also said that hers will bloom a second time in the fall sometimes. Hers are currently just starting to bloom again.

You may have to wait for next year to see blooms, but I think it is a nice looking shrub.

Lisa Marie said...

but I think it is a nice looking shrub <-- lol, thanks! and thanks for the input - maybe I will see them bloom pretty soon since your Mom's is doing so *crosses fingers hopefully*

Lisa Marie said...


They are just now blooming. Tho, now the plant is so top heavy its blooming sideways *sigh*