Sunday, March 20, 2011

Arts & Crafts Trip

Well, several gals and I decided to hit Urban Arts & Crafts in KC off of 69 Hwy today =) I did not buy anything, tho was *really* tempted to buy some beads and some stamping stuff (yes, I am one of *those* people lol). I snuck a few pix of the gals and the craft store cat while I was at it:

Emily found something she may want I think!!!

The other gals decided they had to check out the yarn stuff as well =)

 Audrey in awe of the selection =)

And of course, whats a craftey store without the spiffy lookin' cat to pet & luv on!

After our craft store run, we headed to River Market for an Ethiopian restuarant one of the gals said we should try. Other than not being very coordinated eating without utensils, I thought eating Ethiopian food was really darn good!

We then made the trek around River Market area and got some great deals on strawberries & seasonings and then called it a day!

No, wait - the gals who carpooled with me ended up going to Russell Stovers too for truffles lol THEN we called it a day =)


Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

Sniff. I used to go to Urban Arts and Crafts ALL THE TIME. They used to be in the Rivermarket. It got harder to swing in there when they moved.

And the cat - Annie is such a sweetie. Sniff.

I miss those days.

Dee said...

You are sneaky. I had no idea you were taking photos.

We need to plan more trips. This one was so much fun!

Dee Anna

Lisa Marie said...


I miss those days <-- Have you not had time to be craftey lately?

Dee Anna,

Yup - sneaky ole moi =) I *think* Emily noticed, but maybe I was sneakier than I thought lol